It's probably fairly safe and no judgement on those going, I just knew I'd spend the weekend and week after being overly cautious. That plus the actual risk just didn't seem worth it.

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Cancelled a convention reservation next weekend.

Feel pretty conflicted about it, but I also know with COVID cases rising I would worry more about it than I did with MTAC.

Updated to Mastodon 3.5.2 without much trouble so maybe this whole custom instance thing is gonna work out.

Braised pork, mashed potatoes, and some marinated veggies

Think I found my first real hiccup with running mastodon today: throwing a bunch of images at it failed unless I gave it some time to upload.

One thing that sucked about moving is Lenoir City had a trail system just a short drive across town.

It's a longer drive to anything like that here, but it's closer to some of the state parks around Knoxville than I was.

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Anyway I will probably keep posting to this thread at some point, because I have no idea what else to do here right now.

I mainly only use Twitter for reading and replies right now, so I have to work that out. I do feel like there's less pressure on a decentralized network, and on a feed that I'm growing more slowly and deliberately.

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Beyond just having a cool domain, I could imagine the anitwitter exodus getting use out of its own separate instance. The Local feed would basically be drinking from the anitwitter firehose, without necessarily having to follow everyone.

I feel like an instance like that could grow fast enough that it could be a tech and moderation challenge before you knew it.

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So I've got a few thoughts about using Mastodon so far:

One, following across instances feels clunky compared to Twitter but that seems to be the price of decentralization, to avoid syncing massive amounts of data between instances that an average person could host.

Assuming, of course, you want to use it exactly like Twitter.

So I'm trying out running our own instance at

Probably going to keep using @wdylanwolf for a while just in case we run into issues.

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